Specialist Services

Research, Audits and Health Checks

  • Diversity Surveys  
  • Assessments / Audits 
  • Research and Development
  • Performance Data 
  • Reports (Incident or Review)

Development of Change Programme

  • HIDE Education Programmes 
  • Monthly Open Training Programme  
  • Induction / Cross-Cultural Awareness 
  • HR Support/Diversity Inclusion Manager 

Health, Inclusion, Diversity and Equality Tea Talks

  • Managing Unconscious Bias  
  • One to one support for individuals
  • Focus groups  
  • Ambassador programmes 

Supplier: Tier 1 Supplier Engagement

  • Talent Pipeline Development 
  • One to one support for individuals  
  • Bid Support Work  
  • Consultants

Executive/Board level interventions

  • Diversity Strategy Workshops  
  • Board Level Strategy Development  
  • Diversity Leadership  Development
  • Keynote speakers for conferences 

Procedural Review

  •  Strategy development / implementation  
  • Conflicts Resolution 
  • CQC Compliance 
  • Supplier Diversity Strategy  

General Services



We offer trainings that cover all of the Building Blocks through highly interactive sessions as well as addressing specific issues or tasks of timely importance to the client and/or the creation of specific organisational action steps for becoming a more equity-focused organisation.

Developing Best Practice


Developing Best Practice sessions to help employers identify and overcome inclusion, diversity & equity challenges in the workplace.  Identifying resources to provide data, sample programs/policies, tools, etc.

Diversity Discussions


 Our free educational workshops with nationally and renowned speakers on topics of disparities reduction, cultural competency and diversity.  Engage Executive Coaches and Mentors to support your staff. Formally affiliate with a HIDE to meet your organisation's diversity goals.

Face to Face Advisory Services:


HIDE support open discussions which can be sometimes painful, occasionally playful­ ̶ above all, honest. This can be via meetings, with daily messages, greetings, share topics, robust and varied activities, and reflection questions, to prompt development of social skills, critical thinking, and open discussion. 

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Unlimited Candidate Search:


 HIDE's online job and resume database that links employers and diverse job candidates.  Members may post unlimited  positions, an unlimited number of times.  Assistance with executive searches is provided.   Integrate and support individuals into their workforce planning and transition  

Graduate Program & Resume Review


This popular program connects you with minority graduates in your area, to complete a 4-week internship within your organisation. This program is ideal for meeting and recruiting innovative, dynamic minority staff.  CV: Members receive an opportunity to recruit post-graduate, academically strong, diverse individuals who have earned advanced-degrees in business and other organisational related disciplines.  Invite us to join your recruitment and interviewing process