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The information in this section is here to help and support you through discriminatory practices in the workplace and to also help you to understand your rights under the Equality Act and how it applies to your situation. HIDE- Healthcare Inclusion Diversity Equity as an organisation is here to help. HIDE NO MORE! 

Legal Advice Disclaimer

The information and support provided by the HIDE's service is not legal advice, which should only be provided by, or under the supervision of, professionally qualified lawyers. We recommend you consult a lawyer if you want legal advice, wish to take formal legal action/claim in the County Court or Employment Tribunal or want advice on the merits of your case. Please check if you may be entitled to legal aid – by clicking on the following link https://www.gov.uk/check-legal-aid

HIDE- Healthcare Inclusion Diversity Equity Advisory Service

This service is designed with you in mind as we recognise that you may need support, advice, guidance and even representation in some cases; an experienced professional with similar background to yours will be coaching and partnering with you throughout your ordeal. 

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HIDE Support Services

Representation and Guidance


Are you called to: 

Write a witness statement 

Attend an inquest or inquiry

Give evidence on your work practices

Respond to allegations 

A disciplinary hearing 

Testify against colleagues



You do have the right to appeal UNLESS the HR policy on grievance and disciplinary states otherwise. This is a critical time but remember that sometimes due to damaging witness statements lack of documentation or misunderstanding of the presented evidence the internal panels, can make an error in their decision. It is very important to lodge your appeal timely according to the organisation policies and procedures timely or there is a risk that you will not be able to appeal. HIDE-Healthcare Inclusion Diversity Equity can help you to understand the organisation policies and procedures requirements and support you in the appeal process.

Suspensions, Interim Orders & Hearings for Nurses, Midwives and Healthvisitors


The power to impose suspensions and orders because of concerns about fitness to practice by way of professional misconduct, ill-health, or a lack of competence is commonly applied, while the NMC investigates allegations. A healthcare staff registered with the NMC can be suspended or have conditions imposed on their registration. Suspension would prevent professional  practice. Conditions of Practice are restrictions that are imposed upon a registered staff which affect their work, such as working only under supervision, or working for one particular employer. Some conditions of practice do, regrettably, create difficulties for nurses who are trying to find another employer. This practice for the above reasons has been rejected by the appeal courts. HIDE professional team will support you through Hearings, Suspensions and Interim Orders.  Please contact: admin@hidediversity.org this also includes other staff groups and disciplines.

Internal Disciplinary Hearings


HIDE recognises that the BAME and LGBT staff are more likely to face internal disciplinary proceedings. Also they more than likely to seek help at short notice, this limits your options to successfully refute disciplinary allegations. HIDE professional team would prepare you for this process and represent or attend according to the organisation policies and procedures. Contact: admin@hidediversity.org

Complaints, Concerns and Investigations


Complaints can be made by members of the public, colleagues, or employers. The key is to ensure that your verbal and written response to the complaint is factual and it is important to know how to set out your response and what to include.  Writing a good response is a crucial part of successfully resolving a complaint.  HIDE Team will assist you in your response.

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Training: CV Review, Interview Preparation and Coaching


Do you have questions? Help us to help you by contacting us today!  HIDE expert team of coaches, educators and mentors will help you to more confident in your work life balance.  Contact admin@hidediversity.org